Kwalata Wilderness Newsletter – September 2015

It’s been an exciting, terrifying and ultimately successful year so far for Kwalata Wilderness.

2015 began with the usual, very successful marketing trip to America and Ryno joined Reinhard and Jaco for the first time. Well done, guys!

Renovations and Upgrades: During this quiet time on the estate we set ourselves the enormous task of renovating all of the chalets at Valamanzi within very tight time frames.

Fitting the work in between guest bookings, we had just 3 weeks to complete two of the chalets. No easy task – but completed on time using 1300 screws, 27 litres of varnish for just 2 chalets and a lot of blood & sweat.

Thus in each chalet, we transformed the old bunk bedroom into a lovely big bathroom, added the existing old bathroom space onto the main bedroom and fitted a new staircase to the loft. The loft space was transformed into a comfortable second bedroom containing two single beds (which can be pushed together) and nice furnishings and fittings.

The result is fantastic;  the downstairs main bedroom has a lovely dressing room with wardrobes and a beautiful Boekenhout desk. It’s now spacious and practical. The full bathroom boasts a 1.4m wide shower, bath, toilet and basin with lovely modern finishes!

With the big double chalet also refurbished, we now have a total of 6 new, enlarged bathrooms, in keeping with the luxury and standards that are expected at Valamanzi.

In addition to this, the stone pathways have been removed and replaced with good wide pathways to make movement around Valamanzi easier and safer for all.

Spacious new bathrooms and enlarged living spaces make the chalets more comfortable. Note the stairs to loft bedroom.

Dangerous Game: It was at this time that Reinhard was mauled by a lion in the North West. He is an extremely lucky man to have survived the close call, as he was literally within 2mm of losing his life.

We were very touched to be inundated with get-well wishes from family, friends and clients around the world – our thanks to you all. After 19 days in hospital Reinhard has successfully recovered and now has almost full use of his shoulder and arm. Thank you Jacques for saving his life!

Hunting season: We have had wonderful hunting with the return of our usual clients and many new faces. Exceptional trophies were taken this year with the special mention of Ben’s 41 ½” Sable Antelope, Achmet’s 28” Roan and Adel’s Buffalo 42 1/4” as well as Berndt’ 40” Buffalo to name a few.

We welcome Jaco back from his epic 3 month hunt in Mozambique guiding several clients.  Great hunts and wonderful memories were had with all our PH’s,  – Jaco, Reinhard, Ryno, Johan & AJ assisted by our fantastic team and wonderful chef Louise.

Finally we would like to thank all of our loyal friends for your continued support. We look forward to seeing and visiting with everyone during our upcoming marketing season and trust that 2016 will be a ground breaking year, with great adventures for all!

Elephant update: Induna, one of our elephants, (see previous newsletter) has settled down extremely well. He is often visible and provides wonderful game viewing for guests. Just this weekend he and his smaller friend walked across Zingela’s lawn, had a sip from the pool and then spent time foraging in the riverbed just below the swimming pool – much to the delight of the guests.

Induna has a particular love for our garden and the area around Zingela; and is a regular visitor. He and his side-kick are possibly the worst gardeners I have ever met! They love to terrorise our staff, farm bakkies and particularly like to form road blocks. Their new favourite pastime is to rip up the pipes and irrigation. May the spring rains come quickly!

Induna and sidekick, plotting their next raid.